Tuesday 10 February 2015

Dynamically Generated Parameter Files

There are few other solutions available for dynamically generating parameter file but this one is more generic and dynamic. It requires a metadata table setup with workflow parameter details. It then creates parameter files dynamically for all workflows in one go.

This mapping reads a metadata table created for workflow parameters. It uses concept of Transaction Control transformation, currently processes file port to generate parameter files for any number of workflows.

This solution is quite simple and generic compared to other solution in market place. There is no need to create complex UNIX scripts to achieve this

1.    Simple Design
2.    Used Transaction Control Transformation  to generate parameter files dynamically
3.    Used Listagg function in Oracle
4.    It can be implemented across any informatica power center project with minimal changes
5.    It avoids creating complex Unix script to generate parameter files

Please go through below link for more details as it has been also published on informatica marketplace and has informatica seal of approval.

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