Thursday 2 April 2009

How to validate all mappings in a particular folder

In this post we will discuss how to validate all mapping in a particular folder

Step1 : Go to the Repository manager client

Step2 :

Go to option Tools->Queries

Create a new query with name  ALL_MAP_QUERY

Create a query with parameter name and condition to retrieve the mappings in a folder
as the following:

folder = folder-name
object type = mapping

Step 3:

a)      Connect to power center repository using pmrep

pmrep connect -r RepositoryName -d DomainName -n UserId -x Passwd

b)  Create a Persistent output file using command

pmrep executequery -q  ALL_MAP_QUERY -u d:\infa8\PERS_OP_FILE

Step 4 :Use the persistent output file created in last step to validate mappings

pmrep validate -i d:\infa8\PERS_OP_FILE -u PERS_OP_FILE_LOG

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  1. Hi,
    I did try this option, but it is not validating the mappings.In the final result the number of mapping that is invalid_before is equal to the number of mappings that are invalid_after. Any idea what could be the reason? Any permission related issue? I am able to successfully execute all the steps listed above.