Sunday 6 October 2013

User Defined Function (Informatica)

What is user defined function(UDF) ?

UDF is nothing like a expression logic , where you can use the same function or logic  multiple times in your mapping.

Why we need UDF ?

Example :

If you have 20 columns in your mapping in different expression where you want to check NULL constraint  for each column like (IIF( ISNULL(LTRIM(RTRIM(INPUT))),’TRUE’,’FALSE’) .
So we will use the same logic 20 times in our mapping.

Here (IIF( ISNULL(LTRIM(RTRIM(INPUT))),’TRUE’,’FALSE’)  logic is used lot many times in one expression and in downstream also .
To avoid multiple usage occurrence we can create one UDF with the same logic for different Inputs like

How to create UDF ?

Step 1 :   In Right-click the User-Defined Functions folder in a repository folder in the Designer and Right-click a user-defined function in a repository folder in the Designer.(We can also create UDF by Tools menu)

Step 2: In Editor add the inputs that u want do .(if concat we need two inputs ,so add two input in editor) . If you click the Launch Editor u can see all the functions that u r using in Expression Transformation. Click ok and Validate the UDF.

Type :

Public if the function is callable from any expression. Private if the function is only callable from another user-defined function.

How to use UDF?

After creating UDF , we can see the UDF functions in our expression as below.


So whenever we need to implement the same logic in different times in our mapping or in our project UDF can be used effectively .

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