Saturday 26 October 2013

Informatica Port Order

Port Order

Informatica calculates ports in the following order:

  1. Input ports. Informatica calculates all input ports first as they are not dependent on any other ports. So, we can create input ports in any order.
  2. Variable ports. Variable ports can reference input ports and variable ports, but not output ports. As variable ports can reference input ports, the informatica calculates variable ports after input ports. Likewise, since variable can reference other variables, the display order for variable ports is the same as the order in which the PowerCenter Server evaluates each variable.
Suppose first we calculate the commission variable and then we need to calculate salary by using commission then we need to make sure port which hold commission should appear first before salary port.
  1. Output ports. As output ports can reference both input ports and variable ports, the informatica evaluates output ports last. The display order for output ports does not matter, as output ports cannot reference other output ports. Output ports should appear at the bottom of the list of ports

    How to capture previous row values

    Suppose we have to check whether employee’s department is same as last employee’s department .For that we can do the following

    1. Create two variables VAL_OLD_DEPT, VAL_NEW_DEPT
    2. Place VAL_OLD_DEPT before Input IN_DEPT Port
    3. Place VAL_NEW_DEPT After Input Dept Port
    4. In port VAL_OLD_DEPT assign following IIF(ISNULL(IN_DEPT),’NODEPT’, IN_DEPT)
    5. Assign VAL_NEW_DEPT equal IN_DEPT
    6. Create one output port to compare

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