Thursday 15 March 2018

Autosys Difference Between On Hold and On Ice Jobs

On HoldOn Ice
Job is put on hold when JOB_ON_HOLD_event is raisedJob is put on hold when JOB_ON_ICE_event is raised
Indicates that the job is on hold and cannot run until you take it off hold.Indicates that the job is removed from the job stream but is still defined
All dependent jobs do not run when a job is on “on hold”—nothing downstream from this job will run.When one of the child jobs in it is placed on ice then jobs downstream from the job that is “on ice” will run as though the job succeeded. This job is removed from all conditions and logic, but is still defined. Operationally, this condition is like deactivating the job. It will remain on ice until it receives the JOB_OFF_ICE even
An ON_ICE job doesn't run, when it puts OFF ICE and starting condition metON_HOLD jobs run when you put it OFF HOLD and it's starting conditions met

Below are the commands used for putting job on/off Hold/ICe

Put a job On HOLD
$sendevent -E JOB_ON_HOLD -J

Put a job Off HOLD
$sendevent -E JOB_OFF_HOLD -J

Put a job On Ice
$sendevent -E JOB_ON_ICE -J

Put a job Off Ice
$sendevent -E JOB_OFF_ICE -J