Wednesday 18 February 2009

Informatica Metadata Queries (Part1)

Informatica Metadata Queries
In Informatica normally we come across situation like we need to find all mapping which use a particular table as source or something similar .It is very difficult to find it through Informatica tools.In such a situation Repository tables are very useful.

Repository tables name start with OPB and are continuously updated when we make changes.Along with OPB tables REP views are also present.
It is very dangerous to modify these tables so due care should be taken while dealing with OPB Tables.

In this article we will focus on some useful meta data queries

Purpose : Search for a table in Source Qualifiers Sql Override:
Query : 
select distinct SUB.subj_name, MAP.mapping_name
from  opb_widget_attr WID,  opb_mapping MAP,  opb_widget_inst WIDINST,
 opb_subject SUB
where WID.widget_id = WIDINST.widget_id
and WID.widget_type = WIDINST.widget_type
and WID.widget_type = 3
and WID.attr_id = 1
and WIDINST.mapping_id = MAP.mapping_id
and MAP.subject_id = SUB.subj_id
and upper(WID.attr_value) like '%TNAME%' ;

Description : This query will give list of all mappings where a particular table is being used in sql override.

Purpose : Search for a table in Sources and Targets :
Query : 
select SUB.subj_name, decode(WIDG.widget_type,1,'Source',2,'Target'),
from  opb_widget_inst WIDG,  opb_mapping MAP, opb_subject SUB
where SUB.subj_id = MAP.subject_id
and WIDG.mapping_id = MAP.mapping_id
and WIDG.widget_type in (1,2)
and WIDG.instance_name like '%TNAME_%'

Description : This query will give list of all folders,mappings where a particular table is being used as source or target instance.

Purpose : Query to give lookup information
Query :
Select distinct wid.WIDGET_ID, all_map.mapping_name, wid.INSTANCE_NAME Lkp_name, Decode(widat.attr_id,2,widat.attr_value) Table_name,
decode (widat.attr_id,6,widat.attr_value) src_tgt
FROM  rep_all_mappings ALL_MAP, rep_widget_inst wid,  OPB_WIDGET_ATTR widat
where all_map.mapping_id=wid.mapping_id
and wid.WIDGET_ID=widat.WIDGET_ID
and all_map.subject_area='DCM_SPP_UPL_DEVT'
and wid.WIDGET_TYPE=11
and widat.WIDGET_TYPE=11
and widat.ATTR_ID in (2,6)

Description : This query will give information about lookup transformations like lookup name,Tablename ,Mapping name etc. 

Purpose : Query to give Invalid workflows
Query :
select opb_subject.subj_name, opb_task.task_name
from  opb_task,   opb_subject
where task_type = 71 
and is_valid = 0 
and opb_subject.subj_id = opb_task.subject_id

Description : This query will list of all invalid 

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  1. Please let me know how to get all the sources and targets associated with a mapping or session. If sources and targets are overridden in session properties then i want those which are listed in session properties.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Hi,

    Its really good to see such a useful document on metadat, really appreciate your work. i am wondering is it possible to query out the list of active users in a repository. if you can find it out could you please mail it to

    Thanks in advance and Best Regards