Wednesday 12 March 2014

How to change the mapping associated in the session:

Often during development cycle we come across scenario when you have to change session’s existing mapping with a new one.

Informatica should have provided a direct option to choose new mapping unfortunately it is not straight forward you can follow below method to achieve this

1. Invalidate the current mapping temporarily and refresh the session. This would allow you to choose a different mapping for your session. Pick the new one.
2. XML export. Export the session object and then edit the xml file where you need to change the mapping name. Now when you'd import it, it'll ask for the mapping to associate with. This way you can do it.
3. Change Metadata tables This is one of method which I would not recommend ,It is only to be used if nothing else works

Informatica preserves existing settings and it will require to set connections for new objects in the session.

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