Thursday, 22 February 2018

Run Informatica Workflow on specific node

We had a recent scenario where we need to run a informatica workflow on particular node due to database connectivity issues from other nodes

We were having  three nodes (nodeA,nodeB and nodeC ) running on a grid. The session must be run on node A because that is where we didnt having db connectivity issues . Selecting nodeA, in the Resources option on the General tab did not force the session to run on nodeA , rather it randomly chooses all three nodes for running session, sometimes node A, other times node B.


This behavior occurs when the IgnoreResourceRequirement Integration Service property is enabled.


To resolve this set IgnoreResourceRequirement to "No" as per below

  1. In the Administration Console, select the Integration Service. 
  2. Under the Properties tab select Advanced Properties > Edit . 
  3. Clear the IgnoreResourceRequirements property. 
  4. Restart the Integration Service.
  5. Run the workflow.

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