Thursday 29 March 2018

Informatica ERROR: Failed to allocate memory (out of virtual memory)

Hello !!! out of blue you got below virtual memory error in informatica and have no clue what's going on ,Don't worry you have landed at right page

Severity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code Message
*********** FATAL ERROR : Failed to allocate memory (out of virtual memory). ***********
Severity Timestamp Node Thread Message Code Message
*********** FATAL ERROR : Aborting the DTM process due to memory allocation failure. ***********

As you can see error message is very generic and doesnt give much clue,I have summarised the possible causes and solution for same issue below

Possible Causes 
  1. The issue happens when the column precision value is set to a very high value which informatica does not support. for example , while importing a table metadata from MSSQL Server database in PowerCenter Source Analyzer, the Column precision is set to 1073741823 whereas PowerCenter only allows a maximum of 104857600 as precision
  2. The commit interval is set to a very high value and hence the memory calculation for the session is also very high exceeding the available memory that can be allocated and hence the session fails to initialize.
  3. This issue occurs when the source (or) target fields precision set to a high value, DTM Buffer size set to Zero and Enabled the Connection Retry Period property in either Source (or) Target connection.When this Connection Retry Period set to non-zero value, the session requires a much larger amount of memory as compared to when this property is set to zero. 

Possible Solutions
  1. Try to reduce precision for column to maximum value allowed by informatica for particular datatype
  2. Try to reduce commit interval 
  3. Try to put Connection Retry Period as zero but it will make your session as non resilient
Hope this have helped you if not please contact us using contact form on home page.

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